Leicester Wedding Booking

Leicester – Close up magician

I was performing close-up magic at a corporate event in Leicester this month and when I looked up a women was looking and smiling at me from across the other side of the room (trust me, this is odd as it doesn’t happen often to me)(wait, who am I kidding, it never happens to me). This kept happening for about an hour, and eventually she came over and said “Do you remember me?” When I said I didn’t, she looked a bit disappointed. She explained that I had performed magic at her wedding at Leicester Racecourse about 7 years ago, and that her new husband got so drunk he fell off a table (now I remember her – she was so mad she looked like she was going to kill him).

She had got divorced recently and was now getting remarried in September this year. She rebooked me then and there to perform at her wedding as she said I was the only good thing about the last one! It’s a nice feeling to have someone remember you for something you did for them that long ago. However she did ask if I would only charge her at 2006 prices…