This Must Be Love…

I was performing magic at an event in Derby in late June 2010, but when I turned up at the wedding venue the Groom was outside, looking a bit down, and having a drink with the Best Man. I went over to them and let them know I was here to do the magic after the service. I asked him why he looked so down as this was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, and he replied that when they had booked the wedding 2 years ago he had not realised about the World Cup being on at the same time – and England were playing Germany today in 45 minutes time!

The service was great and after the Bride and Groom came out from the wedding (the Groom looked a lot happier by now) his Bride turned to him and said “I have a special wedding present for you…” She opened the door of a nearby room and inside were 50 recliner chairs and a big screen TV showing the England game.

So I got to perform magic for a room full of gorgeous women while their partners watched football. Despite England going on to lose 4-1, the Groom still said it was the best day of his life!