Derby Magician At Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club

Today I was at the beautiful wedding venue Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club performing Magic at Hollie and Lewis’ evening reception.

Hollie and Lewis had booked my 3 hour package, I covered 6pm – 9pm with my popular close up magic act.

We all had an awesome time, I walked round entertaining their guests whilst Hollie and Lewis were being photographed by fantastic Nottingham Wedding Photographer Austen Blakemore.

Their guests had so much fun i’m pleased to say I was even booked by two separate couples to also perform magic at their weddings as well.

If you would like any more information on how to book me to perform on your special day please contact me.

Although being a Derby Magician I am also available to cover the whole of the UK with my award winning act.

Derby Magician

Nottingham Wedding Photographer

Wedding Award Testimonials

Following on from the National Wedding Awards, I would like to share some of the lovely comments that were left on my voting site. Thank you all once again for your very kind comments:

“Paul’s style is what makes his act so great. The way he mixes such high standards of magic with his cheeky humour in such a professional way is amazing to watch. People were so engrossed in his performances at our wedding that I could have saved a fortune on canapés as no one was interested in them!”

“He is not only likeable, friendly and genuine but his magic is new and quite honestly, amazing. He kindly stayed later than he should as the speeches at the wedding took longer. He entertained everyone, and guests talked about what they had seen all night and continued at the breakfast after. Superb and highly recommended”

“Paul was fab…and even stole my thunder on the day! 🙂 All of my guests loved him and the majority of the time Paul didn’t have to go to individual tables as people came over to him! He had a great sense of humour and was very good at entertaining the crowd both with his magic and his personality!”

“Paul was amazing. So many guests want him for their next occasion. He was magnificent and everyone couldn’t stop talking about him. He’s so friendly and chatty, and so funny he had everyone in stitches. A very lovely guy and very talented. I would recommend him to anyone”

“Absolutely fantastic! Paul was at our wedding all day and continued amaze us and our guests the whole day! Everyone we have spoken to since has said how fantastic Paul was. He made our special day extra special and more memorable.”

“We booked Paul as a surprise for our guest and he was amazing! I cannot get over how amusing and professional he was. He had a wide variety of tricks, all practiced to perfection. Every one of my guest came up and to me and said Paul was outstanding. I would highly recommend him”

“Absolutely amazing, my guests were overwhelmed and everyone really enjoyed the amazing tricks, jokes and a man with a lovely personality. He made our wedding day unforgettable & was the talk of the wedding reception 🙂 Would 100% book again on another occasion!”

“I can honestly say, I haven’t got one single criticism about Paul Grundle! He is absolutely fantastic! His magic tricks are brilliant and has everybody totally captivated. His personality is cracking and it was an absolute pleasure to have him perform at our wedding.”

“My dad booked Paul on my request as a surprise for my wife; when we eventually revealed our intention she was sceptical to say the least, having not witnessed Paul’s talents unlike myself and my dad. When Paul performed at our wedding he amazed our friends and family and most importantly my wife!”

“Paul was fantastic at our wedding in Nottingham and really wowed everybody with his magic. He was the consummate professional and had a great sense of humour that put everybody at ease. Judging by the positive feedback we have had from so many people who really enjoyed him I am sure he will get plenty of bookings!”

“Paul was friendly, charming and enthusiastic. He made all my guests feel at ease and provided a perfect way for my guests to mingle and get to know each other. He was the ultimate professional throughout.”

“He really is remarkable, my daughter even asked him if he ‘knew Jesus’! I cannot praise this man’s genius enough! Everyone loves him, he is an asset to any function large or small, and has a really lovely personality too.”

“Paul did a wonderful job of keeping my wedding guests entertained for 2 hours after dinner. He engaged with everyone, young and old, and I received so much positive feedback from my wedding guests about how incredible his magic was and how he delivered it with great humour.”

“Paul was an absolutely outstanding entertainer at our wedding, he had our guests in hearty laughter all through the time he was with us. He made the atmosphere electric and left us all wanting more. What an amazing magician and character in general. He absolutely deserves this award”

“Paul was excellent on our wedding dayin Derby, he did a very good job of getting people to interact with others and was a great ice breaker for those who didn’t know many people at the wedding. The quality of the tricks was amazing and we still can’t figure out how he did them!”

“Absolutely brilliant from the first time I emailed him, he responded straight away, the booking forms were very prompt even with a stamped envelope for the contract to be returned. On the day he arrived early, circled the room brilliantly and the tricks were amazing and really left everyone guessing!”

My 2013 Magic Year

Hi everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We’re almost at the end of 2013, and what a great year it has been:
I got to perform at over 80 weddings, helping the bride and groom get the maximum fun and entertainment from their special day. I have performed magic in almost all counties of the UK,Wales and Scotland.
I have performed at 17 Christmas parties from London to Liverpool, with 720 guests being the most at one party.
I have performed my close up magic at 22 private parties from birthdays to graduation parties, anniversaries to leaving parties.
I have performed at 15 corporate events all over the UK and one in Spain.
I have performed at my residency bars and restaurants all year, these include Belle & Jerome in Beeston, Nottingham Notts & West Brigford, Wellington’s Cafe in Nottingham, Doncaster & Milton Keynes, Hooters Nottingham, The Monkey Tree in West Brigford, Mansion Wine Bar in Derby, Josephine’s Bar in Derby.
Finally, I have had the honour of winning the Wedding Industry Award for the Best Wedding Entertainment in the East Midlands and am now a finalist for the National Award. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me to win this award, and thank them for letting me be apart of their special day
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has booked me to perform at their event, and I wish you all the best for 2014.

Feedback Letter

I got a lovely feedback letter this week that put a big smile on my face. I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you…

Helle Paul, I just wanted to send you a great big ‘thank you’ for your amazing contribution to Lucy & Dave’s wedding yesterday! You were brilliant – everyone was still talking about your incredible magic over breakfast this morning, trying to work out how you did it!

We have never needed the services of a magician beofre and didn’t really know what to expect, but WOW – you were GOOD!

You had a wonderful rapport with the guests, who all loved you and your magic! Everyone was singing your praises during the evening – you really were the satr!

Thanks you so much again – we were thrilled at the reaction from our guests. If I ever get the opportunity to recommend you in the future, I will do so without hesitation.

Kindest regards


Wedding Thank you letter

I have received an email from the Groom’s father from a wedding I did in Nottingham recently

Hi Paul,

Can I take the opportunity of offering you a big thank you on behalf of myself, my wife Helen, and everybody else who was at the reception. I think I can say without fear of contradiction that you were truly magical and a massive hit with everybody who saw you perform. I knew you would be and I only hope you get a few more bookings as a result.

All the very best for the future.


Receiving letters like this is one if the reasons I love performing magic.

Residency Magic

Over the last year I have had the honour of being asked to perform magic on a regular basis at a few different restaurants: Sundays at Mansion wine bar in Derby, Mondays at Hooters in Nottingham, and Wednesdays at Belle & Jerome in Beeston.

This is great fun as I get to perform my magic to 2 different types of groups. The first type of group are people who have never seen me before, this is great fun as I can perform any tricks from my vast repertoire. The second group of people are the regulars and this group of people are harder to please as I have to constantly change my tricks and performance so they don’t see the same tricks twice. However, having said that, I quite often get asked to perform the same tricks over and over again!

Christmas Already?!

Christmas bookings are coming in fast, but there are still dates available.

I’ll be travelling a lot this year as I already have bookings to perform my magic in Derby, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Exeter, Kent & London! August is also my busiest time of the year for weddings as I am performing at least four a weekend along with performing magic at birthdays, anniversaries, wedding fairs and trade shows.

Leicester Wedding Booking

was performing close-up magic at a corporate event in Leicester this month and when I looked up a women was looking and smiling at me form across the other side of the room (trust me, this is odd as it doesn’t happen often to me)(wait, who am I kidding, it never happens to me). This kept happening for about an hour, and eventually she came over and said “Do you remember me?” When I said I didn’t, she looked a bit disappointed. She explained that I had performed magic at her wedding at Leicester Racecourse about 7 years ago, and that her new husband got so drunk he fell off a table (now I remember her – she was so mad she looked like she was going to kill him).

She had got divorced recently and was now getting remarried in September this year. She rebooked me then and there to perform at her wedding as she said I was the only good thing about the last one! It’s a nice feeling to have someone remember you for something you did for them that long ago. However she did ask if I would only charge her at 2006 prices…

“Magician” at the Derby

Having worked really hard recently to get to the top of Google search page for “Magician Derby” (as this is where I live), I was horrified to see today that I had suddenly been pushed down to page 4! Why? A horse called Magician had pulled out of the Epsom Derby, making news that was covered by every major newspaper in the country.

While I understand horse racing is far more important for some people, it must have been a pain for anyone wanting to find the Number 1 Derby based magician to perform at their wedding or corporate event.
So I have come up with a great solution: I am going to ask to run in the Epsom Derby, so if I win I can be put out to stud.

You lucky Ladies. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

This must be love…

I was performing magic at an event in Derby in late June 2010, but when I turned up at the wedding venue the Groom was outside, looking a bit down, and having a drink with the Best Man. I went over to them and let them know I was here to do the magic after the service. I asked him why he looked so down as this was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, and he replied that when they had booked the wedding 2 years ago he had not realised about the World Cup being on at the same time – and England were playing Germany today in 45 minutes time!

The service was great and after the Bride and Groom came out from the wedding (the Groom looked a lot happier by now) his Bride turned to him and said “I have a special wedding present for you…” She opened the door of a nearby room and inside were 50 recliner chairs and a big screen TV showing the England game.

So I got to perform magic for a room full of gorgeous women while their partners watched football. Despite England going on to lose 4-1, the Groom still said it was the best day of his life!